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Tess Torio

“12 years have passed since I started to work at Superior Residences of Brandon. Being a part of a Superior team is a great help for me to learn more new things that I am not really familiar with due to cultural differences. But, I don’t have a doubt in my mind that I can do it because of their effort to be at my side when I’m at a loss. This what I can say…You can’t bring down our firm foundation because we are SUPERIOR IN EVERYTHING WE DO.”

Tess Torio is a simple woman from the Philippines. She migrated to the United States with her family in May 2005. She has four children and 3 grandsons. Her first job at Superior Residence of Brandon was a Resident Aide for 2 years. When a position in medical records opened, she took it and has been an Administrative Assistant ever since.



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